THE POWER HERBS e-BOOK Herb secrets to empower you

This book is a PDF e-BOOK FILE & is Emailed to you. Learn herb secrets, organ cleansing steps, tincture making and more. Added bonus is herb/symptom reference guide.

THE POWER HERBS e-BOOK Herb secrets to empower you
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**THIS PUBLICATION IS AVAILABLE IN PDF FILE ONLY - ADOBE SOFTWARE OR COMPARABLE NEEDED FOR READING THIS E-BOOK**This 390 page e-book publication file size 4.86MB. This standard PDF version is not printable. If you need a printable version request it upon ordering (in memo area at checkout) and you will also receive a word version to print. To view excerpts of this book go to Healthy Guidelines and click the title links.

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A book on certified organic, clinically tested, herbs and uses for immune boosting, organ cleansing and overall better health. HERB SECRETS protect you from plagues, toxic pharmaceuticals and biological disease.

What if you could have the herbalist’s ancient secret to good health? What if you knew how to use

herbs with natural therapies that can put you in control of your health? What if you could:

1. Prevent the flu and colds?
2. Lose weight without dieting?
3. Cut medical bills?
4. Balance blood pressure?
5. Improve sexual performance?
6. Lower cholesterol?
7. Increase your longevity?
8. Boost your immune system ten times (10x)?
9. Strengthen your cells to prevent the spread of deadly infections?
10. Detoxify your body & get rid of 2000+ pharmaceutical residues lodged in your tissues?

Impossible? No. You can accomplish this and more. You just have to know how. Therefore, we feel comfortable (no, excited!) about recommending to you the hottest, most comprehensive book on
natural therapies called:

"The Power Herbs: 13 Herbs Every Medicine Cabinet Should Have."

Learn how you may avoid illness and disease by protecting the body’s most important organ.

1. Find out what supplement manufacturers don’t want you to know about.
2. Discover an almost forgotten therapy that can pound almost any illness into extinction.

After reading this book we realized that a lot of preparation went into "The Power Herbs."

The book also includes:

1. A vital herb/drug interaction alert
2. Review a resource list of companies who you can trust
3. Enjoy a 100-page symptom/herb reference guide
4. Information resources for further study

Probably one of the most important things about "The Power Herbs" is that an herbalist with practical, hands-on experience wrote it. It’s like having your own personal herbalist lead you through a master plan toward optimum health. The author doesn’t waste time with an herbal history and gets down to business with the things you must know such as:

1. What your herbs should taste like so you won’t "get taken"
2. What herbs to avoid if pregnant, nursing or suffering from a particular illness
3. How to see through the marketing hype and take home quality supplements and more

This 390-page volume is easy to read and is the perfect gift for people who are proactive in their health. Therefore, we felt it was important to offer this information to our customers.

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