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**Use with our Calcium Formula**

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A certified, organic, herbs to strengthen and restore bone. Regenerate bone, tendon and cartilage while removing calcium deposits (bone spurs) with a combination of herbs to soak in. Ingredients: Certified organic or wild crafted comfrey root (a.k.a. knit-bone), Oak bark, Gravel root, Mullein, Lobelia inflata, Wormwood, Marshmallow root, and Scullcap.

How to use: Fill tea ball with Bone Regeneration tea mix (or use cup of loose herb and strain tea) of these herbs and pour boiling water over them and steep 20 minutes. Can soak affected area or take a cotton cloth and soak in the warm tea and apply to affected area. Cotton cloth should be thick enough for a compress to hold the tea. Cover compress with plastic wrap to keep the heat in. Then place a towel over compress. Keep on for 30 minutes and reapply when it gets cold. Repeat 2-3 times daily for serious conditions. Afterward, use the deep tissue penetrating oil like our Sports Rub or Arthritis Rub to maximize this procedure. Keep the body warm with a blanket and a heating pad if necessary. Reapply rub as necessary. HINT: To magnify the procedure, add to 1 cup of organic apple cider vinegar to the tea. This item no longer includes a water bottle or stir stick.

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