Natural Flea & Tick Collars w/ Eucalyptus & other natural repellents

Natural Flea & Tick Collars w/ Eucalyptus & other natural repellents

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All Natural, non-irritating and toxin-free pet collar containing natural repellents for dog and cat for flea and tick control. Don't risk your pet to the toxins in other flea and tick treatments, use this safe and effective all natural pet collar. Herbal Eucalyptus Pet Shampoo also available. Your pet will smell sweet with an effective blend of oils that protect your pet for up to three months.

One size fits necks up to 21 inches. Just trim away the excess collar for small pets.

Dog collars available in red color and cat collars available in tan color only.
Each pet collar is effective for about 3 months. If you pet gets wet often or likes to swim you will need to replace the collar after 2 months.
Ingredients: Pet collar uses a combination of essential oils of Pennyroyal, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Citronella and Rue

These oils are infused into the collar and avoids skin irritation .
"No chemicals, leaves pet smelling clean and fresh. Pets seem to have more energy." Glynda Hollowell, Maryneal, TX