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Our certified organic herb formula is a cardiovascular strengthener.

Use this formula for heart, cholesterol, blood pressure, angina and arrhythmia (heart flutter).

This Heart formula contains a combination of powerful herbs to assist the cardiovascular system and heart muscle. Use this formula for increasing circulation, to help remove toxins, balance blood pressure, and fight heart muscle infections, steady heartbeat and avoid angina pain. Hawthorn berries strengthen the heart muscle, feeds the heart more oxygen while red clover detoxifies the blood and reduces cholesterol.

Other heart herb products are not as potent as our formula.

Use Cauion: If taking cardiovascular medications as some herbs can interfere with drugs.

User Tip: Can use with our Astragalus Root Tincture for acute chest pain (angina), ischemic heart disease, heart failure and fatigue.

Note: Astragalus Root contains magnesium, silicon and zinc to help a heart muscle repair fast from damage.

cold pressed, aged concentrate

Avoid: If taking digitalis, hormone replacement or birth control drugs as herbs can interfere with these prescriptions.

Use Caution: If pregnant or nursing, taking blood-thinning or blood sugar lowering drugs, have gastrointestinal inflammation, or if diabetic.

This product is not intended as a substitute for medication and may give rise to allergic reactions. Please seek medical advice before use.
This is a naturally aged and cold-pressed formula. Available is several sizes.

Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Approximate shelf life is 10 years.
Ingredients: Certified organic hawthorn berry, red clover, aloe, mother wort, garlic, ginger root, cayenne and organic alcohol.
"Thanks for your great product; Heart, Cholesterol, BP Formula, it is a blessing." Gilbert King, Ville Platte, LA

"I found your Heart, Cholesterol, BP formula to be more powerful than the other heart drops product. I no longer have heart pain or palpitations after just two months and can exercise without fatigue.Thank you." James Perkins, Hardeeville, SC

"I have tried other herb products, especially when I am out on the road, and I prefer Apothecary Herbs products because they have character." Robert Wellborn, Kernville, TX

"Heart/Cholesterol/BP Formula stopped a heart attack. I had all the symptoms. I took one dropper full, held in my mouth several seconds, then swallowed with water. Repeated after 30 minutes. After the second dose, all symptoms disappeared.” Ilaine Williams, Tulsa, OK

"Thanks to your good products (Heart/Cholesterol/BP formula, Ginger Root Tincture, Celtic Sea Salt plus the Organ Cleansing) I have lowered my blood pressure from 219 to 162 without drugs. I am also happy to have lost a little weight. Thank you.” Michael R. Fecat, Moundsville, WVA

"Thanks for the rapid and efficient service." C. Valentine, Lonaconing, MD

"I just received my order of Celtic Sea Salt & the Heart/Cholesterol/BP Formula. The Heart Formulas is more powerful than the other formulas, giving me a notable energy boost and lowering of BP. It really helps. You were right - the sea salt does reduce sugar cravings after a hard workout. Thank you for your expertise and service." Ken Locklin, Fredrickburg, TX

Our formulas are naturally aged and cold pressed to preserve medicinal potency. Why use a natural aging process? Forced aging (forced extraction) creates heat and destroys the medicinal potency of the plant. You will use very little of our product compared to a forced extraction product.

We are committed to bring you premium grade, professional strength herbal products. Why do our products cost a little more? Many manufacturers will use imported herbs paying ten cents a pound. You get what you pay for. Herbs at ten cents a pound are covered with pesticides or worse. Our formulas are made with Certified Organic herbs grown to Tilth Standards. Herbs of this caliber are no less than $15.00 per pound. Try our formulas and you'll see what a premium grade, naturally aged herbal product can do. You can always expect quality herbal supplements at reasonable prices from Apothecary Herbs.

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