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Shock Trauma Herb Kit
The United States is the third highest mortality for shock and a majority of shock victims are younger than 44-years-of-age. So how can you help someone in shock? Until help arrives, there are some things you can do.

Our Shock Trauma Herb Kit contains eight (8) powerful herb tinctures. Standard kit contains 1 oz size formulas. Upgrade kit contains 2 oz. size formulas. Add these formulas to your first aid kit. Comes with instructions for use.

Immune Booster - Excellent immune stimulant herbs to use as a replacment to antibiotics. Ingredients: echinacea purpurea(fresh root), garlic, Siberian ginseng, pau 'd arco inner bark and organic alcohol..
Astragalus Root- Excellent immune stimulant to layer with the Immune Booster for extra protection against infections. Ingredients: certified organic or wild crafted astragalus root and organic alcohol..
Circulation Formula-The hotter the cayenne the more circulation benefits. Research shows that internal organs can suffer damage after a critical injury. The body will redirect blood when faced with life-threatening injuries. This can damage organs due to lack of blood and oxygen. The organs most affected are the intestines and lungs. Ingredients: habanero cayenne and organic alcohol.
Extra Strength Pain Formula (double-aged tincture) - Take the edge off of pain and reduce inflammation without suppressing immune system. Research reveals inflammation plays a critical roll following trauma and is linked to life-threatening complications including shock. Ingredients: Organic willow bark and meadow sweet herb and organic alcohol.
Ginkgo Formula- Ginkgo works much better with circulatory herbs (cayenne & rosemary). It is important to get more blood flow to the brain and stabalize cells and nerve structure. Ginkgo will also help ward off shock and there is no pharmaceutical equivalent to improving cerebral circulation like ginkgo does. Our Ginkgo formula comes equipped with cayenne and rosemary in the formula. Ingredients: gingko biloba, rosemary, habanero cayenne and organic alcohol.
American Ginseng Tincture - This herb provides the body with restorative nutrition and helps the body adapt quickly to stress. Ginseng helps fight weakness and fatigue, which often comes with shock. Another advantage is that it helps even out blood pressure and balance body chemistry. Ingredients: Certified organic American ginseng and organic alcohol.
Valerian Root Tincture - An excellent herb for calming the central nervous system and to take the tension off the nerves. It is excellent for emotional trauma and shock and works without sedation. Ingredients: Certified organic Valerian Root and organic alcohol.
Relaxation Formula - This formula will remove tension from muscles and help you to relax and let the healing begin. The herb in this formula will also make breathing easier. Ingredients: Certified organic lobelia herb, organic alcohol and organic apple cider vinegar.
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