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Celtic Salt:

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This is a sun-dried, unprocessed, whole salt and  retains the mineral nutrition that supports the cardiovascular system without promoting hypertension, edema or bloating.

  • Contains 84 micro-minerals (your electrolytes) 
  • Supports cardio system
  • Helps keep cell walls strong
  • Helps balance fluids
  • Helps keep arteries and veins flexible 
  • Improves digestions
  • Helps extract more protein from vegetables
  • Helps deminish sweet cravings
NoteOcean salt is not a mined salt and has identical chemistry to our body fluids. Pink (mined) salt is not ocean salt and can have different mineral content and shale, which can clog kidneys.

User Tip: Authentic Celtic Sea Salt is not white and has a grayish color.

User Tip: Use Celtic Salt with our Body Foundation Food mix for high energy and optimum cell performance. For a more detailed list of health benefits using Celtic Sea Salt, get a copy of The Power Herbs e-book on this site.

One pound of Celtic Salt is about a year's supply. You will naturally use one third less salt with Celtic Sea salt.

Salt available by the pound and in a refillable salt grinder.
Celtic Sea Salt is ocean salt and harvested on sand and clay salt flats on the coast of France. It is naturally dried in the sun (no artificial heat, which turns salt white and removes minerals).
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