PRODUCT QUALITY: Due to the genetic modification of corn we no longer will use a corn-based alcohol to make our herbal tinctures. To ensure the highest quality we are now using certified organic gluten-free wheat alcohol with the lowest glucose rating available in organic alcohol.

We are your organ cleansing and immune boosting experts. We use only certified organic ingredients, naturally age and cold press our formulas to make the best professional strength herbal medicine. Apothecary Herbs was established in 2000, offering natural antibiotics and herbs for organ cleansing, immune boosting, anxiety, thyroid, menopause, yeast, blood pressure, pain, energy, weight loss, headache, UTI, prostate and more. Apothecary Herbs is where your healthcare options just became endless. When you organ cleanse, use powerful nutrition and boost the immune system you can avoid degenerative-type disease.

Our goal is to heighten your awareness of the power of herbs and natural therapies. Herbs and a healthy lifestyle can help maintain good health and vitality. Being informed, knowing what to look for, and how to use herbal products is very important. See our Healthy Guidelines section for more detailed information.

Our motto is "A superior product plus knowledge equals personal success." You can have a great herb, but without knowing how to use it, it's like having a kite and no wind. We can help explain the differences in herb quality and help you to make informed choices regarding your supplements.

With our Questions to ask any Herbal Manufacturer, you can eliminate 95% of the junk supplements. (These are 9 questions that every herbal manufacturer wished you didn't know.)

To Download the 9 questions, please choose a format and click.

The answers to most of your questions about herbs can be found in our FAQ files:

  • How do I establish the correct herbal dose by body weight?
  • How to tell a quality herbal product from "junk" supplements?
  • What about herbs and drug interactions?
  • Can I give herbs to my pet?

Product Guarantee

At Apothecary Herbs, we don't mask the signature taste of the herbs with flavorings. To do so would weaken the herb's potency. We want you to have what nature intended - full-spectrum, professional strength, and Signature Taste herbal formulas.

We guarantee to deliver a herbal product that is:

  • Free of preservatives
  • Free of animal testing
  • *Clinically tested (* pertains to selected formulas)
  • free of synthetic or GMO ingredients
  • Naturally aged for potency
  • Without heat or flavoring to preserve the Signature Taste and to protect potency
  • Made from certified organic or wild crafted ingredients grown to Tilth Standards (no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or ethylene oxide gas)
  • Whole Food, full-spectrum plant chemicals (no fractionalizing)

Product Quality

We are the nation's premier supplier of "Signature Taste, Aged for Potency"™ herbal dietary supplements. Every detail in our manufacturing process is carefully checked by hand. We use small batches for quality control and to assure the freshness of the herbal ingredients.

We use a natural aging process. Unlike most manufacturers, who use artificial extraction processes, we use a process that is similar to wineries. This natural process allows us to produce herbal products that are exclusive, of a limited vintage, and which bring the herbal formula to maturity. The natural aging process unlocks the plant's complete chemical content and produces a superior, full-strength formula. We pack our tincture jars full of herbs for a herb/catalyst ratio of 1:2. Then we naturally age our formulas a minimum of 30 days. (The average herbal product on the market is aged just 3 days.)

Our herbal formulas are based on clinically proven formulas. In the last century, ancient formulas have been enhanced and clinically tested. Herbalists have made the necessary enhancements to the original formulas to help combat our toxic environment and lifestyle. Our formulas contain the necessary enhancements.

Our product has been tested by the National Laboratory Center. Chemical and organoleptic analyses were performed and were within normal limits.

We use no animal testing.

We use no heat or cooked ingredients in our process. We want our formulas to contain whole plant nutrients with all of the plant enzymes and alkaloids nature intended. Heat destroys the natural plant chemicals and produces an inferior formula. By eliminating heat, we can provide a professional-strength, nutrient-based herbal product.

We use the entire chemistry of the plant. We do not fractionalize plant chemicals. We believe that nature has combined specific plant chemicals together to compliment each other and to enhance alkaloid performance. Harsh alkaloids are buffered when the entire plant chemistry is intact. Remove the chemical buffers with fractionalizing and side effects can occur.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture inspects our facilities and processes. Our operations comply with FDA's Good Manufacturing Process guidelines.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to feel comfortable about order from us. Therefore every product and every item we sell comes with our lifetime 100% money-back guarantee. Order anything you want today....use it.... and if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price (minus the shipping and handling). You can't lose with a guarantee like this.

Our Philosophy

The knowledge of herbs is an art and should be protected, shared and preserved. From the beginning of time, herbalists have conducted history's longest study on the effectiveness of herbs. We should honor and revere this knowledge.

With the wisdom of our ancestors in mind, we have selected the mortar and pestle for our company logo. This ancient symbol represents the wealth of knowledge that we use every day to make our herbal products. The mortar and pestle is a symbol of an unspoiled approach toward health and a deep respect for the original architect of nature. We hope you will look for our company name and logo whenever you select quality herbal products.

Company Location

Apothecary Herbs is located in Huntersville, North Carolina near beautiful Lake Norman. Currently, we are the only herbal manufacturer in the Southeast to sell directly to the consumer. Staying in touch with the consumer is important to us. We want to know how you are doing and to meet your needs with quality herbal products. We want to be able to answer your questions about our products and offer you important information on how to use our products successfully. However, we do not give medical advice and cannot offer any personal consultations. We recommend that you contact your doctor or a natural medicine physician.