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We offer reasonable pricing on deep tissue rubs, oral health formulas, immune support cleanses, various herb kits and other items. For these items, the published prices reflect retail prics unless using one of our sale coupons or using reward points. Many of our customers will save their points and use coupons. If store wide coupons are not available, the reward points offer savings also.

Additionally, we offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount. When shopping in our online store, only one discount is used per purchase. Reward points cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts.


We offer numerous discounts through several mediums including special promotions, discount codes and reward point program. that you can receive by registering online in our store at checkout. Rewards maybe applied to purchases restricted to 20% of the basket total. Discounts cannot be combined, and we cannot honor "double discounts." If a situation arises where more than one discount may apply, Apothecary Herbs may honor the highest discount first, and all lesser discounts will become void. For example, the free ship coupon cannot be used with reward points or other discount coupons.

Discount codes do not apply to items not manufactured by Apothecary Herbs. All coupons, discount codes, and sales prices are no longer valid after the coupon, discount, or sale has expired or ended.


Apothecary Herbs no longer offers wholesale pricing.