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Shingles Kits

Shingles (varicella-zoster) from the chickepox virus affects more then 500,000 people over 50-years-of-age annually. The virus sits on nerve tissue (cerebral ganglia or cranial nerves and posterior nerve roots) creating pain, inflammation and sores. Symptoms are weakness, fever, burning sensation, pain, tingling, itching (usually on one side of the body or on the face or head region). See a physician for very severe symptoms or if the virus infects the eye to avoid damage to the cornea. The items on this page are used to reduce pain, inflammation, sores and duration of the illness. Recommended formulas will boost immune system, sooth glands, reduce inflammation and pain, improve sleep, provide added nutrition and shorten duration of illness.


Your great herb Barberry Bark - Wow! I used it with your Circulation Formula, Echinacea Deluxe and Pain formula for shingles and within three days I was 90% over these dreaded shingles. I was back at work in less than a week. These products are GREAT because they WORKED. Thank you!

Drew Raines, Little Rock, AR

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