Barberry Bark Tincture - Gallbladder Cleanse & Anti-Shingles Formula

Barberry Bark Tincture - Gallbladder Cleanse & Anti-Shingles Formula

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Barberry Tincture:

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This is professional-strength formula.  

  • Disinfects
  • Stops spasms
  • Anit-fungal
  • Anti-mucous
  • Expell stones (user our Gall Bladder Flush Instructions)
  • Improves digestion
  • Tones bladder muscle
  • Inhibits Shingles virus
User Tip: 
The liver and gall bladder work together and can cleanse them together. See our Milk thistle tincture to assiste the liver. 

  • If pregnant
  • If nursing 
  • If suffer from kidney disorders (herbs can interfere with prescribed medications) 
It is highly recommended to cleanse in the proper order for your safety. A a bowel cleanse is recommended prior to cleansing the gall bladder and liver. Cleansing other organs before doing a Bowel Cleanse or Kidney/Bladder cleanse can encourage a re-absorption of toxins. 
Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
Ingredients: Certified organic barberry bark and organic alcohol.
"Thanks for the Barberry bark product. My gall bladder is doing much better. I don't feel sick anymore, I've got my appetite back and I feel better. M.H. Frost, Orlando, FL 

"A good friend of mine told me about your Shingles Kit. When I heard my uncle had shingles I told him about your Shingles Kit. I know it helped me a lot! Thank you for all you do." Kara M., Mattoon, IL