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30-day return policy

Subject to the requirements of this paragraph, products may be returned for any or no reason by Buyer within thirty (30) days of the date received by Buyer, or such later time as may be authorized by Seller, for a full or partial refund of the price paid to Seller. Returned product must be in the same condition and same packaging as when received. In addition, essential oils, bitters, and herbal extracts in 8 oz (approx. 225 g) or larger size containers are only eligible for refunds if they are unopened and the tamper evident safety seal is unbroken. Buyer must contact a customer service representative of Seller before returning a product. Buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping returns, unless otherwise agreed to by Seller. Buyer agrees to comply with all health and safety laws, rules, and regulations that apply to Seller under state or federal law or under the terms of this agreement when returning products, including any time during which the products are held by Buyer pending return. If Buyer is returning Products from outside the United States, Buyer is solely responsible for clearance of returned Products through United States customs and for any duties, fees, costs and charges that may arise in conjunction with same. Seller may set off from any refund payable on a product return any amounts required to be paid for Seller to take possession of the returned products.