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Unfortunately, Apothecary Herbs does not offer special ordering or blending services. We do not offer private labeling of the product line. We are always open to new product ideas and would love to hear your thoughts. For suggestions, please email support2@thepowerherbs.com or call (866) 229-3663.


In order to maintain low minimums and reduced prices for all our customers, we do not honor free sample requests.


Occasionally, we run out of stock of particular items unexpectedly and we will issue an Out of Stock” or Back Order” notice on your invoice. While we may have the item in stock at the time of your placing an order, by the time it gets sent for final processing, our stock may become deficient.

This may due in part to a surge in orders for a particular item that reached our processing center before your oder and thus created a zero inventory fo rthe item you wanted. While we apologize for any inconvenience surrounding Out of Stock or Back Orders create, we are sometimes obligated to issue such statements on your invoice. In the event you receive an Out of Stock” or Back Order” notice on your invoice, we simply ask that you either reorder the item at a latter date of advise us if you want the back order to remain or would prefer a refund. We make every effort to fill back orders witing 1-3 weeks, depending on the item.

We make every attempt to contact you by email or phone if more than a 1/4 of the times on your order are unavailable. If you require that all the items on your order are required to be instock before processing, please indicate this in the Comments or Instructions” box at checkout online or inform our Customer Service Representative if order by phone. If ordering by mail using our Order Form, please indicate on your form you prefer all items to ship at the same time. If you are paying by check or money order and we are out of stock and you do not wish to back order the item(s), we will issue you a store credit that you can use at your convenience. If paying by credit card, we will issue a refund on the item(s) out of stock that you do not wish to back order, within thirty (30) days of the invoice date or your order.


Occasionally, we run short of stock on particular items and may issue a Back Order” notice on your invoice. This occurs when you were charged and invoiced on a particular porduct by our customer service representatives or ordering on our website. By the time the order is sent to processing, we may be temporarily out of an time we offer. In this instance, we may issue a back order notice that clearly explains your item and approximate ship date. Fulfilling back orders generally takes 1-3 weeks depending on the item. You always have the option to cancel your back ordered items for a refund on your credit card or an in-store credit if paid by check or money order.


It is the sole decision of the manufacturer to discontinue a product without notice. Any items purchased in the online store, by phone or mail that are no longer available will be refunded to the customer.