Herbal Tinctures

Our selection of whole-food, organic herbal tinctures can assist in a multitude of ways. Our formulas can help with anxiety, thyroid, yeast, headache, inflammation, UTI and more. Dr. John Christopher's clinically tested formulas for a professional strength product made in the USA. No imported herbs.
Important Products: Dandelion Root Tincture, Tincture of Mullein, Marshmallow Tincture, Black Walnut Tincture, Quitting Smoking Side Effects, Antispasmodic Herbs, Organic Eye Wash, Cognitive Function Supplements

See The Power Herbs e-book for more information on herbal tinctures.

"As an alternative physician I have access to, and constantly compare herbal tinctures from all over the world. Your products are high quality and please do not ever change quality. I choose Apothecary Herbs for the quality and uniqueness of their formulations." Dr. Michael Munhall, Blytheville, AR