SLIPPERY ELM TINCTURE -Soothes & Stops Diarrhea Fast

SLIPPERY ELM TINCTURE -Soothes & Stops Diarrhea Fast

Code: Slippery-Elm-Tincture-Soothe-Stop-Diarrhea


Slippery Elm:

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A professonal-strength formula to soothe irritated digestive tract.

  • stops diarrhea fast within minutes
  • stops cramping
  • stops spasms
  • helps reduce gas and bloating
  • stops bubbling or gurgling feeling
  • soothes digestive tissues
  • removes irritation
  • helps balance gut flora
  • helps remove toxins
  • helps with acid reflux
User Tip: 
For nausea, vomiting, gas and bloating see our Ginger Root and  Fennel Seed and Peppermint Tinctures (all three in our Digestion Travel Kit).
This is a naturally aged and cold-pressed formula. Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Approximate shelf life 10 years.
Ingredients: Certified organic slippery elm inner bark and organic alcohol.
"I love your Slippery elm for getting rid of a stomachache." Andrea LaCavera, Medina, OH 

"I use your slippery elm before bed for my acid reflux and I can sleep. Thanks." James Foote, W. Columbia, TX