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Herb Kits

Our organic herb kits have a variety of uses; such as for pandemics, cold, flu or poisonous bites. Dr. John Christopher's clinically tested formulas for a professional strength product made in the USA. No imported herbs.

Portable and long shelf life of 10+ years.

I've been a customer since 2007. I appreciate the refill option on the Power Herb Kit and have purchased over a dozen Power Herb kits. I never want to be without this versatile product.
R. Reimann, Charlotte, NC

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"I used your Pandemic Kit for a brown recluse spider bite I got while working on my farm. I applied the Skin Poultice twice about 4 hours apart and used the immune boosting formulas in the kit as well as the Blood Cleanse formula. The amazing thing was that within 24 hours it was as if I was never bitten." C. Barth, Cornelius, NC,

"I have this kit and recommend everyone have at least one on hand (or more depending on family size) for a pandemic." Rebecca Carley, MD, Hickory, NC

"I have one and glad I do; just in case. I like the long shelf life." Melody Cedarstrom, Port Matilda, PA

"Pneumonia Kit and Smoker's Helper are excellent products to open airway, relieve stressful breathing due to congestion from colds, or even the onset of an impending attack of asthma. " Illaine Williams, Tulsa, OK