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    Code: Emergency-Heart-Attack-Pack

    Heart Attack Pack:
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    Our one-pound, portable and wearable pack offers alternative supply of aid when seconds count. Five formulas provide fast action. Comes with insturctions.

    • Improves ciruclation
    • Improves breathing
    • Reduces heart pain
    • Helps protect heart muscle from damage 
    If taking digitalis
    If taking hormone replacement drugs 
    It taking birth control drugs
    If allergic to aspirin 

    • If pregnant or nursing
    • If taking blood thinners
    • If taking blood sugar lowering drugs
    • If suffer from gastrointestinal inflammation
    • If suffer from diabetes
    *Herbs can interfere with prescibed medications. 

    User Tip: Add Astragalus Root which contains magnesium, silicon and zinc to help a heart muscle repair fast from damage.
    This kit contains five formulas to stop bleeding, lessen pain, steady the heart beat, aid with breathing, relieve anxiety and restore circulation.

    Upgrade Kit: Add Astragalus Root Tincture to fight fatigue and assist with heart contractions, ischemic heart disease, heart failure and angina pain.

    Kit Contains: Heart attack Formulas A & B, Pain Relief Formula, Liquid Stitches and Hawthorn Berries Tincture with complete instructions in a handy zip pack to wear on your belt or clip onto your bag for emergencies.
    Pack Formulas & Ingredients:
    Heart Attack Formula A (1 oz) Ingredients: Certified organic garlic, ginger, aloe, red clover, motherwort herb, hawthorn berries and habanero pepper.

    Use Heart A formula for increasing circulation to remove toxins, balance blood pressure, and fight bacteria, viruses and fungus. Hawthorn berries strengthen the heart muscle and feeds the heart muscle oxygen while red clover detoxifies the blood and reduces cholesterol.

    Avoid: This product if taking digitalis, hormone replacement or birth control drugs. Use caution if pregnant or nursing, taking blood-thinning or blood sugar lowering drugs, have gastrointestinal inflammation, or if diabetic. This product is not intended as a substitute for medication and may give rise to allergic reactions. Please seek medical advice before use.

    Heart Attack Formula B (1 oz) Ingredients: Certified organic lobelia inflata herb aged in certified organic apple cider vinegar and organic alcohol. Relaxes the chest muscles for easier breathing and to get more oxygen into the blood stream.

    Pain Relief Formula (1 oz) Ingredients: Certified organic or wild crafted willow bark, meadowsweet herb and organic alcohol.

    Reduce pain with natural plants containing salicin and reduce inflammation. Avoid: if you have an allergy to aspirin products and if pregnant. Do not give to children under 16 with flu or chicken pox symptoms.

    Hawthorn Berries Tincture (1 oz) Ingredients: Certified organic or wild crafted hawthorn berries and organic alcohol.

    Strengthen the heart muscle and protect it from damage caused by lack of oxygen and circulation with the flavonoids in hawthorn berries. Note: Seek medical advice if taking digitalis.

    Liquid Stitches (.05 oz) Ingredients: Certified organic or wild crafted habanero cayenne and organic alcohol.

    Stop bleeding in seconds with cayenne pepper.

    Upgrade Kit:

    Astragalus Root (1 oz) Ingredients: Certified organic Astragalus root and organic alcohol.

    Immune boosting action, assists with fatigue, heart contractions, ischemic heart disease, heart failure and angina pain.

    "I prefer herb supplements by Apothecary Herbs not only for the quality but for the added benefit of the education they provide." Kevin Jetter, Weaverville, NC 

    "Heart Formulas in your pack stopped a heart attack. I had all the symptoms. I took one dropper full, held it in my mouth several seconds, then swallowed
    with water. Repeated after 30 minutes. After the second dose, all symptoms disappeared." Ilaine Williams, Tulsa, OK

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