Astragalus Root - Mild Immune Booster for Children & Adults

Astragalus Root - Mild Immune Booster for Children & Adults

Code: Astragalus-Root-Tincture-Mild-Immune-Booster


Astragalus Root:

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Professional-strength astragalus root offers mild immune boosting action.

  • Boost without over stimulate the immune system
  • Can use for longer periods of time for immune strengthening.
  • Stimulates white blood cells for more efficient immune protection 

Immune support thru nutritional: Astragalus is high in magnesium, silicon and zinc, which the immune system requires to function.

  • Use with our American Ginseng or Siberian Ginseng and tap into the power of the herb's saponins (ginsenosides)and compounds as an excellent preventative to viruses and bacteria. 
  • Use with with our Diabetic Formula for the added benefit of improving blood pressure and regulate blood sugar. 
  • Use with our Heart/Cholesterol/BP formula to help with angina (chest pain). 
  • Use with our immune boosting formulas for extra immune system support. 
  • Use with our Dandelion Root Tincture for extra immune system support and anti-cancer properties.

Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
Certified organic or wild crafted astragalus root and organic alcohol.
"In 2012 I was diagnosed by my doctor with prostate cancer. I used Dandelion root, Astragalus Root and Milk Thistle tinctures. After 3 biopsies and an MRI my doctors says the cancer is gone. Not in remission but gone!" John Donelan, North Royalton, OH