Siberian Ginseng - Immune & Liver Support

Siberian Ginseng - Immune & Liver Support

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Siberian Ginseng:

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Professional-strength ginseng used alone or with our other herbal formulas offers strong support to the body.

  • Stamina and energy
  • Eliminates pathogens
  • Immune system support
  • Heightens resistance to bacteria & viruses and other pathogens
  • Strengthens filtering organs (liver, pancreas and glands)
  • helps avoid fatigue from stressful or traumatic situations such as grief
The saponins in Siberian Ginseng assist the immune system to isolate, neutralize and eradicate infectious disease.

User Tip: Use our Siberian Ginseng with our Astragalus Root Tincture, Echinacea Deluxe, Pneumonia Kit, Immune Booster, All-In-One, Adult Echinacea for more immune boosting action. 
Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
Ingredients: Certified organic or wild crafted Siberian Ginseng and organic alcohol.
"My husband used your Mullein, Ginseng and Black walnut for his thyroid problems and it worked! He started feeling better within 48 hours of starting to take the herbs and was back to normal in a week. Thank you so much." L. Solano Reno, NV