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All-In-One - Resist Viruses, Bacteria & Yeast

All-In-One - Resist Viruses, Bacteria & Yeast

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    Purchase All-In-One - Resist Viruses, Bacteria & Yeast

    All-In-One - Resist Viruses, Bacteria & Yeast

    Code: All-In-One-Immune-Booster-Plague-Tonic

    16 oz.:
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    This is a broad-spectrum formula to power up your immune system and be more resistant to:
    • viruses
    • bacteria
    • yeast 
    • helps cut phlegm
    • improves digestion
    • strengthens immune system function
    • great as a prevention or for upper respiratory infections, head colds and sinus drainage
    This formulas is made with fresh herbs and vinegar then aged 30-days before it is cold pressed for potency.

    Recommended adult dose: 1 ounce

    Our All-In-One comes in two convenient sizes (16 oz & 32 oz).

    Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

    Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
    Contains: Certified organic "fresh" onion, garlic, ginger root, horseradish root, habanero cayenne and organic apple cider vinegar.

    This product contains no alcohol.

    Use caution: If taking blood-sugar lowering medication or anticoagulants as herbs can interfere with prescription medications.

    "I've been using the All-In-One produt for years to prvent and minimize colds and flu. It works!" Eric Malley, Aliso Viejo, CA

    "All-In-One is a natural antibiotic!"
    M.J. Brierton, Abilene, KS

    "All-In-One works great! Sore throat went away fast." Beverly Buriss, Cleveland, OH

    "I am loving your products." Jill Boyce, Omaha, NE

    "I have tried other herb products, especially when I am out on the road, and I prefer Apothecary Herbs products because they have character." Robert Wellborn, Kernville, TX

    "Unexpected benefits (from using All-In-One Formula) are a clearing up of a throat problem I've had, and a lessening of my vulnerability to insect bites and stings." Fran Hodge, Henderson, NV

    "I recently suffered a intestinal virus. Apothecary Herbs All-In-One Formula really eased the discomfort and lessened the symptoms. While my coworkers were going to the hospital, I was able to function on my most needed job until the virus passed. Thank you!" Sam H. Charlotte, NC

    "Your All-In-One product eliminated a nasty cold I had in just two days! Thanks. Dennis Miller, Michigan City, IN

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