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American Ginseng - Immune System Support

American Ginseng - Immune System Support

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    American Ginseng - Immune System Support

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    Professional-strengh formula assists the immune system with debris removal, energy, neutralizing pathogens and helps speed recovery. Scientific research published February 15, 2012 in the journal Phytomedicine, stated that American Ginseng and its ginsenosides inhibit cancer cells in the liver. The report stated the ginseng helps to "prevent tumor invasion and metastasis."

    • Lifts cellular stress off the system
    • Boosts immune system efficiency
    • Helps immune system shorten duration of illness
    • Gives the metabolism stamina and energy - excellent for anyone on a long convalesce
    • Strengthens filtering organs (liver)
    • Offers cardio support 
    • helps avoid fatigue from stressful or traumatic situations such as grief
    Suggested use:
    • Viruses
    • Bacteria
    • Toxic substances
    • General immune boosting
    • Extreme fatigue
    American Ginseng contains saponins to assist the immune system to isolate, neutralize and eradicate infectious disease quickly.

    User Tip: Use American Ginseng with our Immune Booster, Astragalus Root, Pneumonia Kit, Adult or Children's Echinacea, All-In-One or our Echinacea Deluxe for greater immune boosting ability.

    Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

    Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
    Ingredients: Certified organic American ginseng and organic alcohol.
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