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Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit- Tea & Tincture

Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit- Tea & Tincture

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    Purchase Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit- Tea & Tincture

    Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit- Tea & Tincture

    Code: Kidney-stones-UTI-incontinence

    Kid/Blad Kit:
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    A comprehensive combination of a tea plus a professional-strength tincture to gently cleanse kidneys, bladder and urinary tract.

    • Disinfects
    • Strengthens bladder wall
    • Strengthens urethra
    • Cleanse kidney filters
    • Overactive bladder
    • Incontinence
    • Urgency (frequent urination)
    • Bladder or UTI infections
    • Non-toxic
    • If pregnant
    • If diabetic (herbs can interfere wtih absorption of medications) 
    • If suffer from acute edema
    • Do not use with prescribed diuretics
    • If suffer from kidney (renal failure) and select the Juniper-free version of this kit)
    • If allergic to ragweed
    • If allergic to carrots or celery 
    Use Caution:
    • If suffer from glaucoma
    • If suffer from hypertension and use anticoagulants 
    Renal failure individuals should avoid juniper berries and can select the Juniper-Free version of this kit.
    We use a combination of water-soluble herbs for a tea and an aged concentrate tincture to offer a comprehensive advantage of plant nutrition to cleanse and disinfect the kidneys, bladder and urinary tract as well as strengthen the bladder muscle (wall) and urethra.

    Kit contains our Kidney/Bladder Tea 4 oz. and our Kidney/Bladder Tincture 2 oz.

    This is a gentle and effective cleanse which you can do for about two weeks.

    If you suffer from renal failure use the Juniper-Free version of this kit.

    Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

    Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
    Kidney/Bladder Tea Ingredients: Certified organic or wild crafted juniper berries, uva versi leaf, dandelion root, corn silk and parsley leaf.

    Kidney/Bladder Tincture Ingredients: Certified organic juniper berries, corn silk, uva versi leaf, horsetail herb, pipssisewa leaf, burdock herb, golden flower, marshmallow root, lobelia herb, ginger root, goldenseal root and organic alcohol.

    See our Juniper-Free version for those sensitive to the oils in juniper berries, which can irritate kidneys.

    "The Kidney Bladder Kit worked! Great for infections." Dennis Cribbs, Apllo, PA 

    "The Kidney Bladder Kit got rid of my UTI. Thank you!" Eula Parker, Decator, GA 

    We have had great success dissolving several kidney stones with these wonderful power herbs. We also are very thankful for the Shingles Kit. You just can't go wrong using God's creation, specially formulated by Apothecary Herbs Inc., to address your health concerns! Rachel Schoenwetter, Sussex, WI

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