Calcium Formula - Strong bones, muscle & connective tissues

Calcium Formula - Strong bones, muscle & connective tissues

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A professional-strength, plant-based calcium formula. This product contains no animal bones, seashells, dolomite (rock) or synthetic isolated ingredients. The human body can only absorb organic calcium that is naturally paired with the right minerals (boron and magnesium) and in the correct ratio. Mega doses are not necessary when there is the proper balance and minerals.

  • Improves bone health
  • reduces time needed for bone repair
  • Assists the immune system
  • Improves all connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, skin)
  • Improves muscle health  
  • Improves joint health
  • Improves oral health (teeth)
User Tip: 
  • You can use this formula to protect your teeth by dripping it on the teeth before swallowing. It will help rebuild the dentin on teeth. 
  • Can use with Celtic Sea salt to help strengthen varicose veins. 
  • Use with our Pain or Extra Strength Pain & Anti-inflammatory formula and Arthritis Rub to improve range-of-motion. 

Caution: Not for pregnancy or nursing mothers.

MINERAL CONTENT PER (1/4 tsp.) DOSE: Calcium 1091.625 mg, Magnesium 350.4375 mg, Boron 350 mg
This is a naturally aged and cold-pressed formula. Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Approximate shelf life 10 years.
Ingredients: Certified organic horsetail, oat straw, comfrey root, lobelia herb, organic alcohol, and organic apple cider vinegar.

"Thank you for your Calcium formula. It helped me regain the use of my left arm to lift it above my head again. I am able to return to my yoga classes." Joanna Spisak, Apollo, PA

"Your Calcium Formula and Celtic Sea Salt helped my arm pain." John Bell, Gaston, AL

"I use the Calicum Formula in combination with the Pain Anti-inflammatory formula to help my knee. Both work extremely well." Jacqueline Bodner, New City, NY 

"The Calcium Formula has reduced my leg cramps." Daniel Shibler, Greenleaf, WI

"Your Calcium Formula helped my back feel better and I could sleep better." Donna McDullough, Homosassa, FL 

"Tooth & Gum Restorer, Smoker's Helper, Power Greens for Pets and Calcium Formula; all the products work! Products are extraordinary!" Dawn Schwartz, Sutton, WV

"I started using your Calcium Formula and noticed several health improvements. I regret taking my previous calcium for so long. I use many of your other products and appreciate their effectiveness." Karen Pike, Detroit, MI

"You got good stuff!" Michael Perdek, Westfield, NJ

"I started using your Calcium Formula and noticed several health improvements. I regret taking my previous calcium for so long. I use many of your other products and appreciate their effectiveness. Karen Pike, Detroit, MI

"I immediately started your formulas (Pain Relief & Calcium). I noticed improvement in my mobility and no pain within a few hours. Thanks."
Kathleen Kasemervisz Houston, TX

My husband and I both had osteoporosis. We heard about the Calcium Formula and took it instead of the prescribed medication. Within four months we had no osteoporosis and no side effects. Bone restoration confirmed with bone scan study. Thank you for your herbal products, they are wonderful! Joan Meel, Strongsville, OH

"I have tried other herb products, especially when I am out on the road, and I prefer Apothecary Herbs products because they have character." Robert Wellborn, Kernville, TX

"My bone density test showed I had a problem and my doctor recommended drugs. I took your Calcium Formula instead for 4 months and had another bone density test done. I was delighted to hear my bones were well again." Estella Owens, Mt. Holly, NC