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Brain Concentrate - Memory Support, Improve Concentration

Brain Concentrate - Memory Support, Improve Concentration

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    Purchase Brain Concentrate - Memory Support, Improve Concentration

    Brain Concentrate - Memory Support, Improve Concentration

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    Brain Concentrate:
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    A professional-strength formula to improve blood flow and oxtgen to the brain.

    • Improves memory
    • Improves congnitive function
    • Improves circulation
    User TIP: 

    Add our American Ginseng which contains saponins, ginsenosides and saponin glycosides to improve physical and mental performance.  

    If taking anticoagulants like warfarin or coumadin as herbs can interfere with prescription medications.

    • If pregnant 
    • If suffer from kidney disease.
    This is a naturally aged and cold-pressed formula. Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Approximate shelf life is 10 years.
    Ingredients: Certified organic gingko biloba, rosemary, habanero cayenne and organic alcohol.

    "I use Brain Concentrate and it is awesome and I love it! I no longer need to take a medication that used to keep me awake. I prefer the natural way." William Ellsworth, Shelby Township, MI

    "My wife has benefited using the Brain Concentrate formla." Mark Valenti, Brunswick, OH

    "Brain Concentrate helped me to stay awake when I would fall alseep in the middle of the day. Totally amazing!" Michele Ferris, Clinton Township, MI 

    "I use Brain Concentrate to help me stay focused .....love it!" James Hood, Double Springs, AL

    "Brain Concentrate - excellent product! I take it daily. Helps to keep me sharp, focused, clear and surprisingly more relaxed." Tim Johnson, Monroe, NC

    "The Brain Concentrate definitely improves mental focus and activity. I'm very pleased with the products." Ryan Carmody, Brighton, MI

    "I am using your Brain Concentrate & Emotional Stress Formulas and my body and mind can function normally with no side effects and I am able to sleep at night. Short-term memory function is great and my overall well being is great! With your help, I was able to wean off the depression medication that were causing my memory and sleep side effects. I have found a definite difference using the Emotional Stress Formula." Estella Owens, Charlotte, NC

    "I have ordered the Brain Concentrate, Parkinson's Kit, Female Maturity formula, Body Foundation Food Mix, Bowel Cleanse Kit, Black Walnut Tincture and Deodorant Crystal. After completing Cleanse # 1 (Bowel Cleanse) I can attest effective beyond what I had expected. It is such a comfort just knowing Apothecary Herbs manufacturers its own herbal products and readily processes my orders. Do not stop coming to us each day (Herb Talk Live radio), for we need you and love you and so appreciate and support all you do and strive to the benefit of us listeners." Donna Lynn, Fallbrook, CA

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