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Valerian Root - Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression

Valerian Root - Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression

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    Purchase Valerian Root - Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression

    Valerian Root - Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression

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    Valerian Root:
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    A professional-strength Valerian Root formula to calm situations of anxiety and panic attacks as well as to help with depression. 
    If you used Valerian root in pill or tablet form and did not obtain any desired benefit, try this liquid form for fast action.
    This is not a sedative or narcotic. It is not an addictive agent and there are no withdrawal symptoms when discontinuing use.


    Relaxes the body by removing tension from the nervous system without a sedation effect.

    Other Uses: Valerian root can be used for water retention, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, irritability and as a digestive aid.

    User Tip: Can use with or American or Siberian Ginseng and take advantage of the herbs ability to help you resist stress. Can use with our Relaxation Formula to release tension from muscles and improve sleep.

    Note: Valerian root may increase heart action (circulation) and temperature causing a sensation of exhilaration. It is not recommended to use Valerian root with alcohol as it can magnify adult beverages.

    Important: Take as recommended and avoid large doses to prevent headache, giddiness, restlessness or agitation.
    Valerian Root is a naturally aged and cold-pressed formula available in several sizes.

    Store away from heat and light (refrigeration is not required). Shelf life approximately 10 years.
    Ingredients: Certified organic Valerian Root and organic alcohol. Valerian root has a high calcium and magnesium content.

    "The Valerian root tincture is a thumbs up!" David Falconi, Hubbard, OH

    "Your Valerian root helped to remove my stress and anxiety to also improve my sleep and have less recurring stress." Donna McCullough, Homosassa,FL

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