Try this combination of herbs to help the body with the shingles virus and recover faster.
Shingles-B-Gone Kit - Recover Fast & less pain with this herb combo

Shingles-B-Gone Kit - Recover Fast & less pain with this herb combo

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This Kit contains a combination of professional-strength formulas to help recover from shingles within a few days. 

  • helps relieve nerve pain
  • helps blisters heal quickly
  • containes shingle's virus inhibitor to deter outbreaks
  • boosts immune system
  • improves circulation
  • helps remove pain and inflammation
  • removes muscle tension
User Tip: 
  • Our Mullein Tincture helps to soothe glands. 
  • Our Body Foundation Food Mix for more organic vitamin B to support nerves.
Kit Contains 1 oz size of the these formulas:

Adult Echinacea - helps the body make more antibodies against the virus. Do not use with antibiotics.

Barberry bark - contains a natural antiviral agent called berberine to target the shingles virus. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or if suffer from acute kidney disorder.

Circulation formula - will carry the healing power of the herb formulas throughout the body quickly. Can also use to apply topically to quickly heal sores.

Relaxation formula - takes the tension out of the body for faster healing. Reduces muscle tightness and spasms. Helps promote better sleep. Avoid if pregnant.

Pain Anti-inflammatory formual - reduces inflammation and takes the edge off pain for greater healing.
Kit Contains 1 oz size of the these formulas:

Adult Echinacea Ingredients: Certified organic Echinacea Purpurea root and organic alcohol.

Barberry bark Ingredients: Certified organic Barberry root bark and organic alcohol

Circulation formula Ingredients: Certified organic habanero pepper and organic alcohol.

Relaxation formula Ingredients: Certified organic lobelia inflata herb and organic apple cider vinegar.

Pain formula Ingredients: Certified organic White Willow bark and Meadow sweet herb and organic alcohol.

Can take formulas together with juice or water 3 times daily and before bed. Store away from heat & light.


"I used your Shingles Kit and was over the shingles in 3 days. That was amazing! I have had the shingles before and endured the rash and pain for 2 months. I didn't have your kit then. I will never be without your Shingles Kit." Juanita Nichols, Lena, MS 

"We have had great success dissolving several kidney stones with these wonderful power herbs. We also are very thankful for the Shingles Kit. You just can't go wrong using God's creation, specially formulated by Apothecary Herbs Inc., to address your health concerns!" Rachel Schoenwetter, Sussex, WI

"A good friend of mine told me about your Shingles Kit. When I heard my uncle had shingles I told him about your Shingles Kit. I know it helped me a lot! THANK YOU for all you do." Kara M., Mattoon, IL

"Your great herb Barberry Bark - Wow! I used it with your other formulas in you Shingles Kit and within three days I was 90% over these dreaded shingles. I was back to work in less than a week. These products are GREAT because they WORKED. Thank you!" Drew Raines, Little Rock, AR