Try this combination of herbs to help the body with the shingles virus and recover faster.
Shingles-B-Gone Kit - Recover Fast & less pain with this herb combo

Shingles-B-Gone Kit - Recover Fast & less pain with this herb combo

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This Kit contains a combination of professional-strength formulas to help recover from shingles within a few days. 

  • helps relieve nerve pain
  • helps blisters heal quickly
  • containes shingle's virus inhibitor to deter outbreaks
  • boosts immune system
  • improves circulation
  • helps remove pain and inflammation
  • removes muscle tension
User Tip: 
  • Our Mullein Tincture helps to soothe glands. 
  • Our Body Foundation Food Mix for more organic vitamin B to support nerves.
Kit Contains 1 oz size of the these formulas:

Adult Echinacea - helps the body make more antibodies against the virus. Do not use with antibiotics.

Barberry bark - contains a natural antiviral agent called berberine to target the shingles virus. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or if suffer from acute kidney disorder.

Circulation formula - will carry the healing power of the herb formulas throughout the body quickly. Can also use to apply topically to quickly heal sores.

Relaxation formula - takes the tension out of the body for faster healing. Reduces muscle tightness and spasms. Helps promote better sleep. Avoid if pregnant.

Pain Anti-inflammatory formual - reduces inflammation and takes the edge off pain for greater healing.
Kit Contains 1 oz size of the these formulas:

Adult Echinacea Ingredients: Certified organic Echinacea Purpurea root and organic alcohol.

Barberry bark Ingredients: Certified organic Barberry root bark and organic alcohol

Circulation formula Ingredients: Certified organic habanero pepper and organic alcohol.

Relaxation formula Ingredients: Certified organic lobelia inflata herb and organic apple cider vinegar.

Pain formula Ingredients: Certified organic White Willow bark and Meadow sweet herb and organic alcohol.

Can take formulas together with juice or water 3 times daily and before bed. Store away from heat & light.


"A good friend of mine told me about your Shingles Kit. When I heard my uncle had shingles I told him about your Shingles Kit. I know it helped me a lot! THANK YOU for all you do." Kara M., Mattoon, IL

"Your great herb Barberry Bark - Wow! I used it with your other formulas in you Shingles Kit and within three days I was 90% over these dreaded shingles. I was back to work in less than a week. These products are GREAT because the WORKED. Thank you!" Drew Raines, Little Rock, AR