BOWEL ORGAN CLEANSE KIT - Constipation & Bowel Disease

BOWEL ORGAN CLEANSE KIT - Constipation & Bowel Disease

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Bowel Cleanse Formulas:

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Our Bowel Cleanse is a gentle and effective cleanse. You can keep your normal routine.

Our certified organic bowel cleansing herb lit helps tone bowel muscle, stimulate nerve endings for regular bowel movements and removes toxins.

Learn how you can restore your digestive system and bowel function to optimum efficiency and avoid toxic drugs.

Reduce your risk of lifestyle disease with this natural cleansing alternative. Be empowered and fight infections, IBS, back pain, sciatica, depression, relieve symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue (yeast/candida overgrowth) and host of diseases due to malfunctioning bowel.

User Tip: Use our All-In-One formula to improve absorption of protein and rinse joints of uric acids to reduce inflammation, arthritis and boost your immunity.
Cleansing organs and encouraging a free-flow of toxins can help with thyroid malfunction, autoimmune disease, leg pain, skin problems (acne, psoriasis) uterine & prostrate disease and more. Not all bowel formulas are the same. Check ingredients to make sure you have the herbs that will draw out toxins and naturally stimulate for proper function.

You can do organ cleansing as often as once every 3 months for maintenance reasons.

User Tip: Use with our Black Walnut Tincture for added protection against parasites.

This cleanse takes about two weeks to complete. You will use Formula A for several days to help move the bowel more frequently and then you will add Formula B and use for only seven days to draw out toxins. During this cleanse you will keep taking Formula A throughout to keep moving the bowel).

Note: It is recommended to take a vitamin supplement while cleansing. If you do not have an organic, whole-food supplement (no synthetics). Use our Body Foundation Food Mix for a supplement for a top quality organic whole-food option. If you experience a headache when you cleanse it is because you are low in nutrients and need a good supplement.

HERBAL SECRET Bitter herbs in formula B contain emodin, which destroys certain types of tumors.

Bowel Cleanse Kit both Formula-A and B Kit contains detailed information sheet.
Kit is about enough for two cleanses. If you have a sluggish bowel you may need to order additional Bowel Cleanse A.

Use Caution: if taking blood sugar lowering or anticoagulant medications as herbs can interfere with the absorption of some medications..
Bowel Cleanse Kit contains Formulas A & B. Customers can purchase these formulas separately.

For instance, if you suffer from irritable bowel conditions you may be sensitive to Bowel Formula A and just need to order Formula B and follow the instructions for such conditions.

Customers may wish to use our whole-food supplement (Body Foundation Food) if they do not have a supplement of their own to use when cleansing. We've made these options available to accomadate your needs.
Formula-A Ingredients: Certified organic turkey rhubarb, senna leaves, cascara sagrada bark barberry root, ginger root, garlic and habanero cayenne. Use this formula to stimulate the bowel to move without creating a dependency. This formula is designed to strengthen and tone the bowel muscle and encourage more frequent elimination. Some individuals may need to use this formula for just a few days while those with a sluggish bowel will need to work with this formula for a week or longer until they are eliminating a minimum of 2+ times per day before using the detox Formula B.
Formula-A (100 capsules)

Formula-B Ingredients Certified organic flax seed, apple fruit pectin, pharmaceutical-grade bentonite clay, psyllium seeds, slippery elm inner bark, fennel seed and activated willow charcoal. Note: Avoid if pregnant, nursing, diabetic or kidney problems. Use caution if taking blood sugar lowering or anticoagulant medications. Use this formula with Formula A to help remove trapped toxins. Refortify while cleansing with our Body Foundation Food Mix. Bowel Formula B (Detoxer) 16 oz. (enough for 2 cleanses or for two people to cleanse).

Body Foundation Food Mix: Certified organic (farmed cultivated) Spirulina, Chlorella, alfalfa grass, barley grass, wheat grass, purple dulse seaweed, beet root, spinach leaf, rose hips, spinach leaf, rose hips, lemon peel, orange peel and non-activated nutritional yeast (no candida). Wheat grass is a non-wheat berry and is gluten-free. The 16 oz Body Foundation Food Mix is a one-month supply or enough for two people to complete the cleanse.

"I am loving your products." Jill Boyce, Omaha, NE

"The bowel cleanse capsules (Formula A) you sell are excellent! And I sure appreciate your pod casts as has led me to become more knowledgeable in herbal medicine." Elizabeth, British Columbia Canada

"After finishing the Bowel Cleanse program I notice my skin blemishes fading away and my energy level increased." G. Belfort, Jr., Chicago, IL

"The Bowel Cleanse did a good job." Maryanne A., British Columbia, Canada

"My husband and I did the Bowel Cleanse with the Black Walnut. The product seemed to work like you stated. The only concern we had was getting constipated, but neither of us did eating like you suggested and using Bowel Cleanse Formula A. Overall it is a great product." Teresa & Michael Snyder, Middleville, NY

"More energy, not bloated and not as hungry. Amazing! Fantastic, I have never felt so good in my life! The Bowel Cleanse has helped in all aspects. My weight is coming back down to normal, my energy is back and my skin is looking better. The Body Foundation Food Mix I used with my cleanses and is also great as a supplement. The Pain Relief Formula works as does your Echinacea Deluxe for sinus cold and flu. Your products got us back up and running. The Female Maturity Formula has really helped me. We then ordered your Garlic Juice for the ear, Black Walnut Tincture and Parkinsonís Kit and all these products did their job. Thanks also to Wendy, for the Lord has blessed us with your God-given talent. You have been a great encouragement to us in so many ways. Thank you.Ē Glynda Hollowell - Maryneal, TX

"I have ordered the Brain Concentrate, Parkinson's Kit, Female Maturity formula, Body Foundation Food Mix, Bowel Cleanse Kit, Black Walnut Tincture and Deodorant Crystal. After completing Cleanse # 1 (Bowel Cleanse) I can attest effective beyond what I had expected. It is such a comfort just knowing Apothecary Herbs manufacturers its own products (herbal supplements) and readily processes my orders. Do not stop coming to us each day (Herb Talk Live radio), for we need you and love you and so appreciate and support all you do and strive to he benefit of us- the listeners." Donna Lynn, Fallbrook, CA

"I purchased the Bowel Cleanse Kit and Celtic Sea salt from Apothecary Herbs after hearing Herbalist Wendy Wilson on short-wave radio 7.415. The Kit worked really well and I later purchased her book, The Power Herbs. I've read many herb books and The Power Herbs book is one of the best and I believe no one will top this great book. Thank you Wendy for all the help you've given me." Leslie Countryman, Richmond, VT

"Thanks for the rapid and efficient service." C. Valentine, Lonaconing, MD

Our formulas are naturally aged and cold pressed to preserve medicinal potency. Why use a natural aging process? Forced aging (forced extraction) creates heat and destroys the medicinal potency of the plant. You will use very little of our product compared to a forced extraction product.

We are committed to bring you premium grade, professional strength herbal products. Why do our products cost a little more? Many manufacturers will use imported herbs paying ten cents a pound. You get what you pay for. Herbs at ten cents a pound are covered with pesticides or worse. Our formulas are made with Certified Organic herbs grown to Tilth Standards. Herbs of this caliber are no less than $15.00 per pound. Try our formulas and you'll see what a premium grade, naturally aged herbal product can do. You can always expect quality herbal supplements at reasonable prices from Apothecary Herbs.

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