Female Cycle Balancer - PMS, PMDD

Female Cycle Balancer - PMS, PMDD

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Female Cycle:

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This is not a hormone replacement product.

Our female herbal formula will help balance the hormone reproductive system with plant nutrition. It is designed to assist the body to make the hormones that are right for you.

Balanced hormones help you feel more in control, less nervous or edgy and less clumsy.

European women have used these female herbs for centuries to help regulate their cycle, feel more balanced and be symptom-free. Organic plant nutrition feeds your glands to make the proper amount of hormones for you.

Avoid: If pregnant, nursing, have high blood pressure, glaucoma, diabetes, kidney or liver disease or taking hormonal therapy. Herbs can interfere with prescribed medications.
Naturally aged and cold-pressed formulas.

Store away from heat and light. no refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
Ingredients: Organic dong quai root, mexican wildyam root, vitex berries, damiana leaf, licorice root, hops flowers, and organic alcohol.
"I used your Female Cycle Balancer after I was diagnosed with cervical fibroids and told I would need surgery. After using the herbal product for four months I was re-examined by my physician and told that my fibroids were gone and that my uterus was perfect. I am grateful that I was able to avoid surgery. Thank you." Tammy Hill, Charlotte, NC

Our formulas are naturally aged and cold pressed to preserve medicinal potency. Why use a natural aging process? Forced aging (forced extraction) creates heat and destroys the medicinal potency of the plant. You will use very little of our product compared to a forced extraction product.

We are committed to bring you premium grade, professional strength herbal products. Why do our products cost a little more? Many manufacturers will use imported herbs paying ten cents a pound. You get what you pay for. Herbs at ten cents a pound are covered with pesticides or worse. Our formulas are made with Certified Organic herbs grown to Tilth Standards. Herbs of this caliber are no less than $15.00 per pound. Try our formulas and you'll see what a premium grade, naturally aged herbal product can do. You can always expect quality herbal supplements at reasonable prices from Apothecary Herbs.

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