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    This kit contains professional-strength formulas to handle a variety of health concerns. 

    • Immune system support
    • System Detox products
    • Pain and anti-inflammatory formula
    • Formulas for pandemic 
    • Anti-sepsis formula
    • Organic, whole-food vitamin, mineral, amino acide and protein formula

    Starter Pack Contains:

    (12) 2 oz Immune Booster Tinctures

    (12) 2 oz Pain & Anti-inflammatory Tinctures Regular Strength)

    (1) Organ Cleanse Package (Standard) Cleanses for: Bowel, Urinary, Liver, Gall bladder & Blood

    (12) 16 oz Body Foundation Food Mix (whole-food organic vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein from plants)

    (1) Pandemic Kit with carry pack (for 2 adults for 7-10 days of coverage)

    Upgraded Package adds:
    Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit
    Prostate Cleanse Kit.
    Formulas are naturally aged and cold-pressed. Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Approximate shelf life 10 years for herbal tinctures and 5 years for powdered mixes.

    • Immune Booster Formula
    • Pain Anti-Inflammatory Formula
    • Standard Organ Cleanse Package (Bowel Clenase, Urinary Tract Cleanse, Liver Cleanse, Gallbladder Cleanse, Blood system cleanse)
    • Pandemic Kit (All-In-One formula, Pneumonia Kit, Echinacea Deluxe, Astragalus Root, American Ginseng, Blood Cleanse, Skin Poultice)
    • Kidney/Bladder Cleanse Kit
    • Prostate Cleanse Kit
    • Body Foundation Food Mix for instant plant protein
    Immune Booster Tincture Ingredients: Certified organic echinacea purpurea (fresh root), garlic, Siberian ginseng, pau 'd arco inner bark and organic alcohol.

    Pain Anti-Inflammatory Formula Ingredients: Organic willow bark and meadow sweet herb and organic alcohol.

    Standard Organ Cleanse Pack:
    Bowel Cleanse Formula-A 100 capsules Ingredients: Certified organic turkey rhubarb, senna leaves, cascara sagrada bark barberry root, ginger root, garlic and habanero cayenne. Use this formula to stimulate the bowel to move without creating a dependency. This formula is designed to strengthen and tone the bowel muscle and encourage more frequent elimination.

    Formula-B contains 16 oz powered blend Ingredients: Certified organic flax seed, apple fruit pectin, pharmaceutical-grade bentonite clay, psyllium seeds, slippery elm inner bark, fennel seed and activated willow charcoal. Avoid if pregnant, nursing, diabetic or kidney problems. Use caution if taking blood sugar lowering or anticoagulant medications. Use this formula with Formula A to help remove trapped toxins. Refortify while cleansing with our Body Foundation Food Mix.

    Juniper Berries Tincture 1 oz. Ingredients: Certified organic juniper berries and organic alcohol. Avoid if pregnant, taking diuretics or suffer from renal failure and see the Juniper-Free package. This formula is in the Standard Package.

    Milk Thistle 1 oz Ingredients:Certified organic milk Thistle herb and organic alcohol.

    Barberry Bark Tincture 1 oz. Ingredients: Certified organic barberry bark and organic alcohol. Avoid if pregnant, nursing or suffer from kidney disorders.

    Blood Cleanse 1 oz Ingredients: Certified organic red clover flower, lobelia herb, habanero cayenne, chaparral, garlic, burdock root, poke root, yelloow dock, goldenseal root, Oregon grape root, blood root and organic alcohol. The FDA does not recommend the use of chaparral, polk root or yellow dock herbs due to studies of long-term use is toxic to the liver. Recommended use of this formula is 3-5 days.

    Body Foundation Food Mix (whole-food nutrition) Ingredients: Certified organic wheat grass (no wheat berry, gleuten-free), alfalfa grass, barley grass, spirulina (farm cultivated), chlorella (broken cell algae), beet root, spinach leaf, rose hips, orange peel, lemon peel, purple dulse seaweed and non-active nutritional yeast (does not promote candida).

    Pandemic Kit Product & Ingredients:
    All-In-One 16 oz. Ingredients: Certified organic Garlic, Onion, Horseradish, Ginger Root & Jalapeno pepper naturally aged in organic apple cider vinegar.

    Pneumonia Kit 2 oz Certified organic formulas two 1 oz tinctures; Immune Booster (kills bacteria) Ingredients: Certified organic Echinacea (fresh root), Garlic, Siberian Ginseng, Pau d' arco inner bark & organic alcohol. Relaxation Formula (expectorant) Ingredients: Certified organic lobelia herb aged in organic apple cider vinegar & organic alcohol.

    Astragalus Root Tincture 1 oz. Ingredients: Certified organic Astragalus root & organic alcohol.

    Echinacea Deluxe Tincture 1 oz.Ingredients: Certified organic Echinacea purpurea root & seed, Echinacea angustifolia root, Garlic & Cayenne in organic alcohol. Excellent for upper respiratory & sinusitis.

    American Ginseng Tincture 1 oz. Ingredients: Certified organic American Ginseng root & organic alcohol. Does a good job to isolate, neutralize and eradicate infections.

    Skin Poultice 2 oz powder Ingredients: Certified organic Echinacea purpurea root, Slippery Elm inner bark, Goldenseal root, Garlic, Comfrey leaf, Marshmallow root, Lavender, Plantain leaf and cayenne. Mix small amount with water and apply topically to draw out poisons & toxins. Can use topically for forced vaccinations and layer with doses of Blood Cleanse formula.

    Blood Cleanse Tincture 1 oz. Ingredients: Certified organaic Red clover, Lobelia herb, Chaparral, Garlic, Burdock root, Poke root, Yellow dock, Goldenseal root, Oregon grape root, Blood root, cayenne and organic alcohol. Use to sweep the blood system and remove toxins from blood and protect your organs.

    Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit Ingredients: Kidney Bladder Tea: Juniper berries, uva versi leaf, dandelion root, corn silk and parsley leaf. Kidney Bladder Tincture: Juniper berries, corn silk, uva versi leaf, horsetail herb, pipssisewa leaf, burdock root, burdock herb, golden flower, marshmallow root, lobelia herb, ginger root, goldenseal root and organic alcohol.

    Prostate Kit Ingredients: Prostate Tea: Saw palmetto, cleavers herb, nettle leaf and thuja leaf. Prostate Tincture: Juniper berries, corn silk, uva ursi leaf, horsetail herb, gingko biloba leaf and organic alcohol.
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