Kidney Stone Formula

Kidney Stone Formula



Kidney Stone Formula:

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The Kidney Stone Formula is designed to assist the body in eliminating stones and offering relief.

  • Helps flush out small kidney stones
  • Helps dissolve small stones
  • Cleanses kidney filters 

Use Caution if:
Taking diuretics
Suffer from renal failure
Blood in urine
Pain upon urination

Avoid using this product if pregnant.

Allergy Note: Do not use this formula if allergic to carrots or celery.

it is recommended to take this formula with food. 
Do not use this formula for longer than two weeks. You may wish to seek medical advice from a licensed medical physician before using this formula. 
Ingredients certified organic or wild crafted: parsley leaf, juniper berry, buchu leaf, flaxseed and organic sugar cane alcohol. 

"We have had great success dissolving several kidney stones with these wonderful power herbs. We also are very thankful for the Shingles Kit. You just can't go wrong using God's creation, specially formulated by Apothecary Herbs Inc., to address your health concerns!" Rachel Schoenwetter, Sussex, WI