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    Code: Nail-Fungus-Formuila

    Nail Fungus:
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    Our Nail Fungus Formuila is for topical use only. This product contains a combination of herbs and oils to help remove the fungus at the nail bed on top of the nail and beneath the nail.

    How to use:
    Apply a few drops 1-2 times daily at the nail bed on top and try to apply product under the nail if nail is raised up off the toe or finger. Works best after bath or shower when pours are open. Dab any residue with a cotton ball or tissue. Allow to air dry especially before putting on socks or footware. To avoid surface stains use a paper towel. 

    What to expect:
    This process will require patience. The longer you have had nail fungus the longer it may take to clear up, especially if the fungus has already reached the nail bed. Therefore, results may vary.
    • The average time to clear the fungus odor, sensitivity and tenderness is about 3-4 months.
    • The nail will most likely turn dark or black partly due to the black walnut ingredient that can stain the nail.
    • Within 6 months a new nail will emerge at the base that will be white and pink in color. The old nail may become lose and fall off. It can take a year for the new nail to fully grow in. You may wish to continue the treatment until the nail is fully grown back.
    • This product is not to be orally ingested and could produce nausea and vomiting if swallowed.
    • Discontinue use if skin irritation or dermatitis occure.
    • Discontinue use of swelling of the extremities occur

    Seek medical advice from a licensed medical physician before using any product or therapy. This item is not intended to be a substitute for any medical treatment prescribed by a medical doctor. It is not to diagnosis, treat or cure disease.

    This is a professional-strength formula that is aged for potency. 
    Organic Gymnema Sylvedre leaf, Tea Tree oil, Black Walnut, Garlic, Lavender oil and organic Alcohol.
    "I've used several of your products and so I tried your Nail Fungus liquid and it fixed my nail fungus fast. It removed the pain too. This blew me away! Vera HIll, New York, NY