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Nerve Regenerator:

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A professional-strength formula designed to regenerate nerves. This is not a emotion suppression-type formula. It is designed to strengthen and wake up nerves. Use as directed. 


Strengthens damaged or sluggish nerves.

  • Large doses as too much can cause giddiness, confusion, restlessness
  • Long exposure to the sun while taking this formula 
  • If pregnant 
  • If suffer from a kidney disorder 
  • If suffer from a heart condition 
  • If allergic to caffeine 
  • Do not use this formula with any product containing mistletoe. 
  • Do not use with diuretics. 
  • Do not use with other prescription stimulants, antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications. 
  • Do not use with prescribed neurological-type medications.
*Herbs can interfere with prescription medicaitons such as blocking absportion or magnifying dose.

Allergy Note: Can cause mild reaction in those who experience gastrointestinal upset. An indicator you may be sensitive to the herbs in this formula if you experience:
  • itching, rash, hives
  • swelling
  • difficulty breathing 
This product is not a substitute for prescription medication. Seek advice from a licensed medical physician before using any prodcut or therapy.
This item is offered in several sizes. The 8 oz size is not a dropper bottle.

Store away from heat and light (refrigeration is not required). Shelf life approximately 10 years.
Certified Organic Tilth Standard Herbs: skullcap herb, oat seed, St. John's wort flower, celery seed, lavender, coffee bean, kola nut and organic alcohol.
"Taking your Nerve Regenerator Formula has improved my overall function and I am telling family and friends about your products." Carolyn Walker, Statesville, NC