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Herbal Tinctures

Our selection of whole-food, organic herbal tinctures can assist in a multitude of ways. Our formulas can help with anxiety, thyroid, yeast, headache, inflammation, UTI and more. Dr. John Christopher's clinically tested formulas for a professional strength product made in the USA. No imported herbs.

See The Power Herbs e-book for more information on herbal tinctures.

As an alternative physician I have access to, and constantly compare herbal tinctures from all over the world. Your products are high quality and please do not ever change quality. I choose Apothecary Herbs for the quality and uniqueness of their formulations.
Dr. Michael Munhall, Blytheville, AR

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"My bone density test showed I had a problem and my doctor recommended drugs. I took your Calcium Formula instead for 4 months and had another bone density test done. I was delighted to hear my bones were well again." Estella Owens, Mt. Holly, NC (formally of Charlotte, NC)

"I immediately started your formulas (Pain Relief & Calcium). I noticed improvement in my mobility and no pain within a few hours. Thanks." Kathleen Kasemervisz Houston, TX

"Topical use of your Dandelion Root tincture for several months reduced a large skin carcinoma by 98%. Will continue using this product for full resolution. Thank you." Doug Maxwell, Sun City, UT

"I'm using your Brain Concentrate & Emotional Stress Formulas and my body and mind can function normally with no side effects and I'm able to sleep at night. Short-term memory function is great and my overall well being is great! With your help, I was able to wean off the depression medication that were causing my memory and sleep side effects. I have found a definite difference using the Emotional Stress Formula." Estella Owens, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for your great product; Heart, Cholesterol, BP Formula, it is a blessing." Gilbert King, Ville Platte, LA

"Thanks to your good products (Heart/Cholesterol/BP formula, Ginger Root Tincture, Celtic Sea Salt plus the Organ Cleansing) I have lowered my blood pressure from 219 to 162 without drugs. I am also happy to have lost a little weight. Thank you." Michael R. Fecat, Moundsville, WVA

"I use your Eye Wash. For the first time in 10 years I am completely relieved of dry spot eye pain. Nothing else works." Margot Galin, Fairview, OR

"I just received my order of Celtic Sea Salt & the Heart/Cholesterol/BP Formula. The Heart Formulas is more powerful than the other formulas, giving me a notable energy boost and lowering of BP. It really helps. You were right - the sea salt does reduce sugar cravings after a hard workout. Thank you for your expertise and service." Ken Locklin, Fredrickburg, TX