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Herbal Mouth Cleanse

Herbal Mouth Cleanse

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    Herbal Mouth Cleanse

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    Herbal Mouth Cleanse:
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    This is a special blend of herbs and oils to help restore balance to the oral cavity. A soothing and prevention-type application to improve oral health. This product is not for infants or young children.

    • Refreshes mouth without drying
    • Helps with stains and whitens tooth enamel (a deep pearl white enamal)
    • Reduces plaque
    • Helps with receading gums
    • Helps reduce gum disease, gingivitis
    • Reduces bad breath 
    • Reduces inflammation and swelling
    • Helps with lose teeth & bleeding gums
    • Reduces soreness 
    • Helps with mouth ulcers
    User Tip: can gargle with this formula and spit to help with sore throats. 

    Use Caution: Do not swallow this formula; it is a mouth rinse only. Not recommended for children younger than 12-years-of-age. Swallowing this formula can produce nausea, vomiting and low blood pressure.

    Avoid: if you have an allergy to ragweed or daisies. This formula is not for infants or youg children.

    Can use with our Tooth & Gum Restorer to reduce bacteria in oral cavity or with our Toothache Formula. 
    Recommended use is 32 drops (1/4 teaspoon) in mouth, switch well and spit twice daily. The 1 oz size is about a 3-4 week supply.
    Ingredients: certified organic or wildcrafted: spearmint leaf, blood root, myrrh oil, peppermint oil and organic alcohol. 

    "Your Herbal Mouth cleanse made my teeth stronger." Mary Combs, Toronto, Canada

    "I recently went to my dentist and they noticed a big improvement in my gums and teeth. I told them I use the Herbal Mouth Cleanse. They said my teeth were whiter." Oddie Hailey, San Diego, CA 

    "I've been using the Mouth Clease product for about six weeks and it has removed a brown stain between my upper front teeth. My dentist recently complimented me on how good my teeth and gums look. He has never said that before. Thanks for making your wonderful products." 
    Mike Green, Huntersville, NC

    "I love the Herbal Mouth Cleanse. It has taken away my mouth pain." 
    Karen Pike, Detroit, MI   

    "I like the Herbal Mouth Cleanse formula. I make my own mouthwash with it. It is very refreshing." Jane Phillips, Nacareth, PA

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