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Pitchers Plant Tincture - Smallpox

Pitchers Plant Tincture - Smallpox

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    Pitchers Plant Tincture - Smallpox

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    It is suggested in reports from the 19th Century that the plant called Sarracenia purpurea (also known as Pitchers plant) was successfully used in the United States as a botanical preparation for smallpox infections. The name Pitchers plant is due to the plant likes to grow along water sources and it fills itself with water to attract and capture insects.

    In 2012, the Public Library of Science tested the plant against the smallpox and monkeypox virus and found it to contain a natural inhibitor to the viruses. The research stated it used a tincture of 4 to 6 doses per day with speedy and effective results No severe side effects were reported and did not harm healthy cells.

    "In this study, we demonstrated that Sarracenia purpurea extract was able to effectively inhibit viral replication and viral induction effect of the orthopox viruses." Public Library of Science, 2012 (PLOS ONE journal 10.1371, March 9, 2012)

    Pitchers plant is grown as an ornamental plant and not as a medicinal plant available in bulk. Supplies tend to be limited and can affect availabiity. 

    You may also be interested in the Gentian Root Tincture as it contains a natural inhibitor to Ebola virus. Add both of these tinctures to your Pandemic kit.

    • Do not use this product when being treated with a smallpox vaccine.
    • Herbs can interfere with the uptake and absorption of prescribed medications. Seek medical advice from a licensed medical physician before using any product or therapy.

    This is a professional-strength formulation. If properly stored in environmentally controlled area the shelf life is 10-years. 
    Organic: Pitchers plant seeds, Red Pitchers plant, Purple Pitchers plant, Pitchers plant root, organic vinegar and organic alcohol. 

    Pitchers plant offers no toxicity and can be given to children in doses according to weight. See label insturctions.

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