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Our American Survival Newsletter combines the World of Health, Finance and Politics.

You will receive empowering news covering financial markets and natural health therapies. This a FREE publication you can receive through email weekly. Our current publishing day is Tuesday.

American Survival Newsletter is about empowering the reader. Included will be information the reader can benefit from in our difficult times.

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"Thank you for your unselfish and invaluable input in health matters!" Robert from Latvia

"I thought your article, Do Vitamins Offer Cancer Risk?, was one of your most important articles, especially the list showing the ingredients in synthetic vitamins. Thank you."Dan Sheehy, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

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Wendy Wilson, Herbalist, Founder of Apothecary Herbs Inc, Author of The Power Herbs book & Host of the weekly Radio Show Herb Talk Live. website:

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Melody Cedarstrom, Founder of Discount Gold & Silver, Matilda, PA her web site is

Dave Allen an expert in fiancial analysis and former congressional budget and policy analyst. He is also the cohost of Financial Survival Radio Talk show with Melody Cedarstom.