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    Our Health Quest Newsletter is a free publication sent out weekly via email.

    Add this free newsletter to your cart and start receiving information on herb secrets, natural therapies and other health information you cannot be without every week. Our current publishing day is Friday.

    The information in Health Quest is not a duplicate of the information in American Survival Newsletter. Both are excellent sources of empowering information everyone can benefit from and feel free to share this information with your family and friends.

    You will also find special discounts inside each Newsletter to use on our website.

    When requesting this publication your contact information is added to our list and you may received occasional educational and sale information. We do not share your personal contact information and you can unsubscribe at anytime. See what readers are saying under "reviews."
    "As I was reading your newsletter I was impressed that I should share with you how thankful I am that you put out all the information through this and other media. Thank you! Very grateful for your time and efforts." Racheel Schoenwetter, Sussex, WI

    "I like the new format with easy to read text on my phone." Diane Hoover, Alliance, OH 

    "God bless you, your articles in the newsletters have made such a  BIG impact on our lives and family. Thank you!."  LInda Kaufield, Watertown, WY

    "Type is big enough to read on so-called smartphone. Thank you." 
    Richard Schmidt, El Prado, NM

    "I love your newsletter articles. They have helped us so much." Beverly Gardner, Fredricksburg, TX  

    "I just signed up for your newsletter.  They are sooooo informative!" Chuck Swanson, Youngstown, OH 

    "Your newsletter articles keep getting better and better." Daniel McCarthy, Louisville, KY

    "You articles are interesting and positive. Thank you!" Robert Davis, Marinette, WI

    "Thank you for your unselfish and invaluable input in health matters!" Robert from Latvia

    "I thought your article, Do Vitamins Offer Cancer Risk?, was one of your most important articles, especially the list showing the ingredients in synthetic vitamins. I enjoy reading your newsletter and always learn something new. Thank you." Dan Sheehy, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    "My wife and I also enjoy listening to Herb Talk Live. We are big fans." John Bonin, Duson, LA

    "Love, love, love the news letters...the one on vaccines, excellent! BRILLIANT Newsletter! Absolutely FANTASTIC! I am privileged to read your work." M. Ivanac, Victoria Australia

    "Your news letter is always blessing for me. You are encouraging and pointing to source of good news and health. Thank you so much for that." Vera

    "Great stuff!" Danielle

    "My reaction to articles in your newsletter - keep up the good work." J. Dilday, Burkes Garden, Virginia

    "Wendy brilliantly puts the whole picture together in her excellent newsletter (money, politics, religion, and health)" John Schmitt, Keene, NH

    CATCH WENDY'S HERB TALK RADIO SHOW. Here is what people are saying:

    "Thank you for all you do. I love listening to your show and learning about safe alternatives for my health care." Jill Boyce, Omaha, NE

    "I sure appreciate your broadcasts as it has led me to become more knowledgeable in herbal medicine." Elizabeth Save, British Columbia, Canada

    "My husband and I love the radio program and have learned so much! Thanks for your time and help and all you do to educate the people who need it!" Valerie & Bill Hamilton, Oak Hill, WV

    "I really enjoy listening to your Herb Talk radio show. They are fantastic!" Lap Tse, Bellevue, WA

    "Love your show on AVR, listen every time it's on." Matt Smith, Quincy, IL

    "I enjoy your radio show as well. I listen to the show when I travel for work." Greg D. Saskatchewan, Canada

    More information on broadcasts is on our Herb Talk Archive page. If you miss the live show, you can download the show anytime.

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