SKIN POULTICE - 2 oz. - Skin Rash, Bee stings, Poisonous bites, Vaccines

SKIN POULTICE - 2 oz. - Skin Rash, Bee stings, Poisonous bites, Vaccines

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A special blend of herbs offer protection from various injuries. This is a topical application. This is a soothing herbal powder you mix with water and apply to area and leave on a minimum of 20 minutes and maximum of two hours to draw out toxins. We highly recommend our Skin Poultice for hikers and campers. One Skin Poultice contains 2-4 applications depending on skin area affected.

  • Poisonous rashes (Poison ivy, oak, sumac) - pulls the oils off the skin. Use as soon as possible after exposure.
  • Poisonous bites (snakes, spiders, bee stings) 
  • Reverse vaccines (in addition to our Blood Cleanse formula) 
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Note: Avoid contact with mucous membranes.

Store away from moisture, heat and light. No refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 5 years.
Ingredients: Certified organic Echinacea root, slippery elm inner bark, habanero cayenne, goldenseal root, garlic, comfrey leaf, marshmallow, lavender and plantain.

"I used your Skin Poultice for a wasp sting. It reduced the swelling and tenderness at the bite site and within a few hours I was back to normal." 
Loraine Conlin, Mooresville, NC