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    Sleep Apnea:
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    Professional-strength formulas combined to help with breathing during sleep to reduce the symptoms of sleep apena. We use Black Walnut, Mullein and Siberian Ginseng to remove the cellular stress on the thyroid allowing it to balance and make hormones for the brain to use to improve sleep and breathing during sleep. If the thyroid is the reason for the sleep apnea the results are almost immediate.

    • Helps balance thyroid gland
    • Helps thyroid manufacture hormones for neurotransmitters
    • Helps brain use neurotransmitters to regulate sleep and breathing during sleep
    • Reduces loud snoring
    • Reduce morning headache
    Scientific Study:
    Recent scientific studies have suggested that the thyroid gland helps the brain to regulate sleep and breathing during sleep. Sleep Apnea where the person stops breathing several times per night may be due to an imbalance in the thyroid gland.

    Three individual tinctures offered in various sizes are used together as instructed.
    Black walnut tincture - certified organic black walnut and organic alcohol.

    Mullein tincture - certified organic mullein herb and organic alcohol.

    Siberian Ginseng - certified organic Siberian ginseng root and organic alcohol.
    "You fixed my thyroid problem." Krystal Rivera, Orlando, FL

    "The Sleep Apnea product works! I'm off my sleep apnea machine. Thank you." Beverly  Jacobs, Emporium, PA

    "My husband and I are using the Sleep Apnea product and it is helping us to sleep better, feel rested.and have more energy." Krystal Rivera, Ocala, FL

    "Your Sleep Apnea formulas have helped me SO much! I have given away many bottles to others who suffer from this condition. Thank you for this amazing product." Jane Fulton, Bostic, NC

    "The Sleep Apnea product is very effective." Connie Anasis, Orlando, FL

    "Thank you for the Sleep Apnea product. I am sleeping better and it worked in two days!" Jane Fulton, Bostic, NC

    "I have used the snoring herbs (Sleep Apnea) and by golly, they worked!" 
    Lorrie Kurrus, Argyle, TX 

    "Tried the Sleep Apena formulas and it worked almost immediately. I put my C-pap machine in a box and haven't touched it since." 
    Andrew Whitehead, Port Charlotte, FL

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