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THYME TEA - Coughs, croup, Whooping cough, cellulitis

THYME TEA - Coughs, croup, Whooping cough, cellulitis

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    Purchase THYME TEA - Coughs, croup, Whooping cough, cellulitis

    THYME TEA - Coughs, croup, Whooping cough, cellulitis

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    THYME TEA (for coughs)

    Thyme tea has been used for centuries to calm coughs. The herb contains germicides and attacks bacteria infections.


    1. Antioxidant properties 
    2. Antispasmodic
    3. Improves sleep
    4. Expectorant 
    5. Germicide action to fight bacteria
    6. cellulitis

    Thyme is excellent for calming chronic coughing in order to get some sleep. It can be beneficial in dealitng with skin infections such as cellulitis (source: University of Maryland Medical Center). The University of Maryland Medical Center reported thyme is helpful for infalmmatory and bacterial infections (cellulitis).

    NOTE: Do not use thyme in large doses; do not exceed recommended dose. 

    AVOID: Not for pregnant women or those with a thyroid condition. Do not use with blood thinners.

    Due to Thyme's antiseptic-like qualities as well as being an effective germicide, thyme has been effective against croup and whooping cough. One of the added benefits is that thyme can soothes nerves to calm coughing.This helps to improve sleep. Children suffering from coughs, croup and whooping cough when given thyme can breathe easier and be able to sleep. 

    Thyme tincture will offer a concentrated version of thyme offering more power. Use doses by weight for children under 100-pounds. Can put dose in juice or water.

    Can use Thyme with our formulas:

    • Children's Echinacea
    • Immune Booster
    • Pain Anti-inflammatory
    • Pneumonia Kit

    User Tip: A little organic (unfiltered) apple cider vinegar will help cut the phlegm from whooping cough.
    Thyme Tea 4 oz (lose tea in resealable bag). Store tea away from heat and light. Shelf life approximately 5 years.
    Ingredients: Certified organic Thyme herb.
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