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Prostate Tea 4 oz. - tincture not included

Prostate Tea 4 oz.   - tincture not included

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    Purchase Prostate Tea 4 oz. - tincture not included

    Prostate Tea 4 oz. - tincture not included

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    PROSTATE TEA (tincture not included)
    This is a comprehensive way to heal the prostate with water-soluble herbs. You can heal your prostate gland without harmful drugs or surgery by using herbs to soothe, disinfect, cleanse and restore the prostate gland. An added benefit is the plant nutrition helps balance male hormones removing many symptoms of male menopause. We use a special blend of herbs combined in a tea to reduce swelling of the prostate gland, reduce inflammation, dissolve stones, cleanse the blood and gain all the healing power of these herbs. The key to healing the prostate is to also heal the liver. Therefore it is recommended that a bowel cleanse, and a liver/gall bladder cleanse be done to help cleanse the prostate. The Prostate Kit has juniper berries and will also cleanse the urinary tract to cover the #2 cleanse.

    Prostate tea - Drink 3 to 5 (4 oz) cups of tea per day for 14 days. For best results we recommend using Prostate Tea with our Prostate Tincture.

    Caution: Not for children. If headache, upset stomach, diarrhea, rash or bleeding from rectum occur discontinue use and seek medical advise. Do not use this product with prescribed prostate medications or if you suffer from breast cancer. This product is not intended as a substitute for medication and may give rise to allergic reactions. Please seek medical advise before use.
    4 oz Prostate Tea. Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Shelf life 5 years.
    PROSTATE TEA Ingredients: Certified organic Saw Palmetto, Cleavers herb, Nettle root and Thuja leaf.
    I love this product. It is the only prostate product that works for me. I have taken all the highly advertised products and they haven't worked.
    Randy Krieg, Carmichael, CA

    "Your Prostate Tea helped remove the pressure I was feeling. Thank you!"
    Bob Papp Brooklyn, OH

    "Thank you for this system. My energy and mood improved dramatically. Thank you for the Prostate Cleanse, it has made a huge difference. I am recommending it to my friends." Jeff Apodaca, Huntington Beach, CA

    "As a product tester in the field of supplements I was interested in your Prostate Kit. My professional and personal opinion is this; that no man should wait to improve his physical well being in this area. I strongly recommend using Apothecary Herbs Prostate Kit for powerful herbs of the best quality possible for relieving prostate problems. There are no side effects from beginning to end and beyond. I feel that Apothecary Herbs is the place to get the best herbs and helpful guidance to do the job right and flat-out do the job well. Thank you Wendy for allowing me to fully test this product, which I rate as a four star fix." Don Guthrie Montrose, CO

    "I commend your products for the quality I have seen so far. I decided to pick up and make some tools like a good microscope, oscilloscope, Spectrum and light meter...etc., so I could start to verify product claims. Basically, all life has energy and even inert items have some resonance. I opened 2 bottles of your herbs at this time and found them to be rich. There is color and a good lengthy spectrum to them which tells me they are quality items and long lasting. I appreciate your website information and the processing you folks use. Seems processing is the key to quality. Thanks again. "P. Tello, Cape Neddick, ME

    "Thanks for the rapid and efficient service."C. Valentine, Lonaconing, MD

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