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LIQUID STITCHES .05 oz *Stop Bleeding in Seconds*

LIQUID STITCHES .05 oz *Stop Bleeding in Seconds*

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    Purchase LIQUID STITCHES .05 oz *Stop Bleeding in Seconds*

    LIQUID STITCHES .05 oz *Stop Bleeding in Seconds*

    Code: Liquid-Stitches-No-Scar

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    A professional-strength formuls to stop bleeding fast and heal wounds quickly. Use common sense and seek medical attention when necessary.

    • Stops bleeding in seconds
    • Wounds heal fast
    • Reduces the liklihood of scarring 
    • Contains herbs with vitamin A & C for skin repair
    User Tip:
    • A few drops is all you need for your average cut or scrape injury. 
    • Traumatized areas do not sting or burn when product is applied. 
    • Can use on skinned knees, shaving cuts, bug bites, acne and shingles blisters.
    • Can apply product and use medical tape to pull wound together. Bandage and keep dry for two days.
    This is a naturally aged and cold-pressed formula. Store away from heat and light. No refrigeration required. Shelf life approximately 10 years.
    Ingredients: Certified organic habanero peppers and organic alcohol.
    "My son used a pocket knief to try to fix a pair of in-line roller skates. The knief lipped and cut the top of his index finger. He could not get the bleeding to stop and came to me for help. Fortunately I had your Liquid Stitches and applied it as directed and used tape to close the cut. I splinted and bandaged the finger and kept it dry for two days. Checked it on the thrid day and it was completly healed with no scar. It was amazing!" Mary Sager,  Jacksonville, FL 

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