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Cleansing Steps

What is the most important thing you can do to improve and preserve your health? Protect your filtering organs and cleanse them. How do you do that and what do you need to accomplish it?  For your protection you need to cleanse from the bottom up - in other words you cleanse in reverse of how the body filters impurities. Why? This opens up the last stage of toxin removal and creates a free-flow of toxins and prevents toxins from being reabsorbed. To guarantee success you will need a quality product and proper instructions AND you need to follow the instructions. The number one mistake people make when cleansing is not following instructions. Companies using wild crafted or certified organic ingredients in their cleansing products and offer product support and a money back guarantee will make cleansing easy, effective and safe.


When you do organ cleansing, for your safety and success you will start with cleansing the Bowel and work your way up to the Blood. Here is your road map to better health:

1. Bowel Cleanse - This is a gentle and effective cleanse you can do with your normal routine. You will need both A&B Formulas in the this cleanse. It will take approximately two weeks to complete.
2. Urinary Cleanses - The Juniper Berries Tincture is our standard cleanse. However, if you have persistent infections, stones and incontinence we recommend our more comprehensive Kidney Bladder Cleanse Kit. If you have sensitive kidneys select the Juniper-Free version. Men have the option of using the Prostate Cleanse Kit to also cleanse the urinary at the same time. These cleanses will take approximately two weeks to complete.
3. Liver & Gall Bladder Cleanses - You can cleanse the liver with our Milk Thistle Tincture and the gall bladder with our Barberry Bark Tincture at the same time since these organs work in tandem. You can cleanse the liver if you no longer have a gall bladder. You will receive instructions on how to do a liver/gall bladder flush. If you require a gentler cleanse see our Liver & Gall Bladder Tincture and layer with our Liver Detox Tea.
4. Blood Cleanse - Our Blood Cleanse Formula will sweep the blood for poisons and impurities including cancer cells. This cleanse will take approximately 3 to 5 days.

Our Male & Female Organ cleanse packages offer standard and upgrade versions. You will save shipping expense when ordering these packages. Each cleanse is also sold separately. Customer Feedback is included on product pages. Counter regulatory information is included on the product pages. If you see USE CAUTION it doesn't mean you can't cleanse but you would monitor your vitals more closely. If you see AVOID the herbs will interfere with the listed medications.

When the body is congested with toxins a myriad of health problems arise such as; back pain, sciatica, depression, low immunity etc. I had persistent back pain after the birth of my third child and didn't realize my health problems were just beginning as a result of a sluggish and congested bowel. At the advice of my herb professor I did a bowel cleanse and my back pain went away and never came back. I also learned to change my lifestyle to avoid re-congesting the bowel. Had I not cleansed I would be suffering from what medicine calls chronic fatigue syndrome. This one $70.00 cleanse saved my life and it was easy to do while I worked. Cleansing helped me to avoided pain, secondary diseases, a lot of unnecessary medical costs and preserved my quality of life. Who should cleanse? Nearly anyone can cleanse but especially if you seem to be on drugs for life and have food allergies, asthma, digestion problems, liver and/or gall bladder problems; you can benefit from organ cleansing. When you properly cleanse you will remove over 2,000 pharmaceutical residues, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, food additives and radioactive particles. I learned not to underestimate the power of God's herbs. I made the right decision to tap into them.

Excerpt from The Power Herbs e-book written by Herbalist Wendy Wilson  

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