Herbal Tinctures

Improve your health with our large selection of organic herbal tinctures. Use our natural supplements to treat anxiety, thyroid, yeast, headache, inflammation, UTI and more. Dr. John Christopher's clinically tested formulas for a professional strength product made in the USA. No imported herbs.
Important Products: Dandelion Root Tincture, Tincture of Mullein, Marshmallow Tincture, Black Walnut Tincture, Quitting Smoking Side Effects, Antispasmodic Herbs, Organic Eye Wash, Cognitive Function Supplements

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"As an alternative physician I have access to, and constantly compare herbal tinctures from all over the world. Your products are high quality and please do not ever change quality. I choose Apothecary Herbs for the quality and uniqueness of their formulations." Dr. Michael Munhall, Blytheville, AR