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Immune Boosting

"Tinctures are like fine wines; they get better with age." Wendy Wilson, Herbalist

You already know how great herb formulas are to be made and what to look for (Supplement Secrets section). Now you learn how powerful you can be using herbs to strengthen your own immune system. Your immune system is like your armed body guard and if it isn't on duty or can't perform its duties, then diseases (such as cancer) can take advantage of this weakness.

1. Reserve your most powerful immune boosting herbs (such as Echinacea) for when you feel sick. Taking powerful immune stimulating herbs too often for prevention can over-stimulate the immune system and then it won't be stimulated as well by herbs. Immune System Herbs

2. Use less immune-stimulating herbs (such as Astragalus or Garlic) as prevention-type herbs.

3. You can layer immune boosting herbs with other herbs (such as Ginseng or Mullein) for extra system support. Depending on which herbs you layer with you can speed up the removal of infections and soothe organs. More information on layering suggestions are included in our Power Herb Kit, Pandemic Kit, our Free product catalog and website Herb Tinctures.

CUSTOMER FEEDBACK ON LAYERING: "I'm a fan of your Pneumonia Kit and found that when I layer it with your Echinecea Deluxe in orange or V8 juice the symptoms of sore throat, stuffy nose, heavy chest and rough breathing - offers immediate relief." Illaine Williams, Tulsa, OK

Take advantage of the search box on our web site to type in herb names, product names or symptoms for product selection. As always, if you have questions we are a phone call or email away.

Excerpt from The Power Herbs e-book written by Herbalist Wendy Wilson  

Ask the Herbalist Wendy's email wwilson@thepowerherbs.com

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